Are you selling your home?
A pre-listing inspection may be just what you need.
Most homes in our area are professionally inspected for the home buyer. This service protects the buyer from major unforeseen problems and expense. However, this can cause a serious problem for you, the seller.
The problem is, after having listed your home and negotiating a fair price, you are very likely to get hit by the buyer for repairs or a price reduction before closing, based on the inspection results! Luckily, there is something you can do to prevent this from happening!
Get your home professionally inspected before you find that buyer. No homes are perfect and the inspector will probably find a few problems. But, if any of the problems are significant, you will be able to fix them, or disclose them and price your house accordingly.
If you have an inspection report available for the buyer to review, right up front, before any negotiations with the buyer take place, you can eliminate unpleasant last minute surprises for the buyer, and for you. The buyer won’t be able to renegotiate the sale price, because any problems will be disclosed before an offer is made.
For peace of mind and an easier sale, call us and order a professional inspection report for your home. To help you make your sale a success. Order a pre-listing inspection today.